First United Methodist Church, Eufaula
Saturday, January 19, 2019
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Bell Tower  
A project to restore the stained glass windows in the church bell tower has been started under the leadership of David Chambers, President of Methodist Men. The goal is to repair and reinstall the stained glass, repair the bell ringing mechanism and paint interior of the tower.
The project started with the removal of the windows. Tom Reid a member of the church, has taken on the huge task of restoring the glass. Tom has decided to restore three of the windows and design a totally new window for the east side (main street) side of the tower. This was required due to the significant loss of glass. Tom made over 100 small crosses with the remaining glass from the fourth window. The crosses are memorials and were presented to each family of the church.
The bell tower (bell chamber) has been enclosed with bird resistant material and painted inside and out. The bell ringing mechanism has been repaired and now rings at 12:00 Noon every day. You can hear the bell all over downtown Eufaula. The window chamber has been painted and lighting will be installed to illuminate the windows at night.
New cypress frames have been crafted by Wayne Mcknight. Wayne made significant changes to the framing to accommodate a safety plate glass protective covering for the stained glass.
 Memorial Cross crafted by Tom Reid.